Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer of Rhett

The big one graduated from preschool on Wednesday. It was a cute little ceremony wherein Rhett actually participated in the musical numbers instead of just standing there staring. (It was quite a milestone for this boy. He sings frequently at home, just not in front of people.) What's up next for this kid? Unlike last summer filled with lots of little goals, this summer he has only two big ones:

1. Learn to ride a bike without training wheels.
2. Learn how to swim.

I think he can do it. I hope he can do it. I hope Chuck has the patience to teach him these things whilst I am at work. Wish us luck!

Rhett with his dear friend Sarah, who he might marry should Madeleine commit to Daniel.

With teachers Mrs. Cooke...

...and Mrs. Karchnak.

P.S. Maybe Rhett's summer will include reading a book (from beginning to end, in that order) and playing frolf. A boy can dream.

P.P.S. We bought a car Monday night. It's a 2010 black Honda CR-V. Am I excited? Yes of course. Do I second-guess the decision? All the time. But that's normal, right?

P.P.P.S. Chuck still has two more weeks of school. You people with kids already done...that's crazy to me.


  1. very, very cute pictures. and good luck to rhett - i think he can, i think he can!

    awesome seinfeld clip.

    i wonder what the average last-day of school is. or like, are most people done before or after memorial. it just seems so early here, but i know we are not the only ones.

  2. congrats to Rhett and on the new to you car! wise choice in selecting a new-er used car. oooh and I loves me a black car. how fun! man, Rhett's friends that are girls sure are cute (don't you secretly wish you could arrange a marriage now? sometimes I do!)I wonder if my mom ever thought this way. have a great weekend.