Friday, May 17, 2013

No Do Dat Mom

Last week Ollie learned a new phrase: "No do dat, Mom/Dad/Rhett/Bruno." Here is a list of all the times it's been used this past week:

1. Whenever I put down the visor in the car (see video below)
2. Whenever we put on a certain pair of pants, or maybe any pants for that matter
3. Whenever Rhett does anything to him (because it's all pretty much older brother annoying stuff)
4. Whenever Bruno eats Ollie's food (thrown to him by Ollie, I should add)


  1. I love both their little voices. Rhett's little sing song way of trying to get you in trouble with Ollie and Ollie's response is great.

  2. ADORABLE. AND.......Thanks for your advice on my blog, it's true the kid is WAY tougher than me, still breaks my little heart though. ;)