Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Random Thoughts

My mom gave birth to boy-boy-girl-girl. My sister gave birth to boy-boy-girl-girl. I wonder if I wasn't done birthing children, would I too give birth to boy-boy-girl-girl?

Let's say you were at the beach and saw someone famous, like uh, I dunno, Mitt Romney. Would you say something? If so, what?

With our recent brush of 90-degree weather, it got me thinking about what we eat for dinner in the summer. Every end of spring I start to dislike anything that needs to be cooked, but don't know where to turn, except to cold cereal. This would make my boys happy (and me happy) but not our bodies. So what do you eat in the summertime, when all the world is green and hot and humid?

Do you say "9x13" or "13x9" when referring to a certain pan?

How would you pronounce a certain store's soda named "Refreshe?"

What's the weirdest place you've ever found your kids' lost stuff? This morning I found Ollie's lost the dishwasher.


  1. -You're the statistician, not me so I'm not sure how likely it is that you would also get two girls!

    -If I saw Mitt I'd probably say something like "I voted for you!" and walk away...

    -Summer dinners I like to make things in the crock pot because it doesn't heat up the whole house. Or I make like chop chicken salads and things of that nature.

    -Most definitely say 9X13

    -I'd pronounce it either as "re fresh" or "re freshy" I haven't decided yet....

    -Sometimes I'll find Elise's binky's in the fridge. Makes me laugh every time.

  2. 1. I guess we'll never find out, huh?!

    2. Did our experience with Mitt Romney make you think of this?! Ben didn't. I didn't know it was him until he was gone, but I probably wouldn't have said anything. Ben was glad he didn't say something b/c he felt like whatever he would have said, would have been lame. :)

    3. Salads - pasta salads. Grilled foods. Paninis. Crock-pot food so it doesn't heat the whole house. I can't remember specifics, though!

    4. 9x13.

    5. Refresh.

    6. We had lost something once (maybe an item of clothing?) for like months and then found it under a couch cushion.

  3. My mom gave birth to girl-boy-boy, I also have girl-boy-boy (well almost), my sister in-law (my brother's kids) also had girl-boy-boy. It's kind of freaky when I think about it because even the spacing of my kids is the same as my mom's.
    I hate cooking in the summer. We do a lot outside on the BBQ, or sandwich type foods, and yes, sometimes cold cereal.

  4. I HATE cooking in the summer!!! I like the crock-pot but I usually don't think that fart ahead. I also like making cold pasta salads but the kids usually hate them...take out??

  5. We eat a lot of salads and fresh fruit in the summer. We also grill a lot of meat/veggies and make pizza on the grill. Of course the kids hate all of this (except the pizza and fruit) so they just end up eating pasta and sandwiches almost every day.

    Definitely 9x13


    I not sure what the weirdest place for finding lost things has been to date, but I just know that Annelise has a stash somewhere where she's hidden our Roku remote and spare set of car keys. I'm sure it will be a good one once we find it.

  6. Your #2 question reminded me of the time I randomly ended up in a parking garage elevator with David Archuleta. I didn't know if should or should not say something. So I did. I said, "David Archuleta!" He then shrugged at me. AWKWARD.

    I might put that in the top 10 regrets of my life. (Half kidding.)

  7. Indeed, we shall never know about -girl-girl following your two cute boys.

    I would definitely be poking Marc to say something - he wouldn't - I eventually would - but it would be lame and obnoxious in the way of me being a fawning fan, whether I actually was or not. I'd be effusive with delight. Ridiculous.

    As for eating in summer, I have never really done cereal for dinner. But I also don't vary my meal planning that much. Yes, more pasta salads and salads in general. But I still make soups and meats. But I do tend to substitute or add in more fruits to dinner during the summer. We do more baguettes and cheese for dinner too as picnics when out and about.

    9x13. Awful the other way.


    Strange and unusual, but I cannot remember any of them. Not strange and very usual are the things we find under Sophie's car seat when cleaning the car.