Friday, May 3, 2013

I Loves Me Some of that April

It's been said (by me) that our March was insane. I was tired nearly the entire month. I was excited for April because other than a couple of date nights, we had no real plans. And we kept it that way. Sure, things came up, and we couldn't actually do nothing because that would drive me crazy, but still, it was life in the slow lane. Let's look at the recap:

Took many walks on the trail near our house to (1) throw sticks from a bridge, (2) throw rocks from the shore, and (3) enjoy picnic lunches.
Visited the farm park for the Gas and Steam Engine Show.
Started sewing a little bit again.
Saw the cherry blossoms.
Hiked around the FDR monument, Gravelly Point, and Wheaton Regional Park.
Got some things done around the house.
Played outside a LOT.

What's in store for May? Our big plans include two camping trips: one just for Rhett and Chuck and the other for the entire family. A little more sewing for me. Preschool graduation. As much time outside as the weather allows. Life is good!

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  1. yay! glad life is calmed down and good. the picture is cool - that area is just beautiful!