Monday, May 27, 2013

I Made Stuff

Although it may not seem like it, I have been working on stuff at nights. Here's the latest batch.

A bonnet for a good friend's new daughter. I love this simple pattern.

Clearly it's not meant for a 22-month old, however.

These bags are for the Christmas Eve t-shirts and/or pajamas.

Christmas gifts from this tutorial. Rhett's so mad he can't play with these now.

This mei tei carrier (from this tutorial) for Rhett's friend's birthday. I love it. Seriously, I think each new big brother/sister should have one. That hideous animal Rhett's carrying? The gift to go with the carrier. Sigh.

A t-shirt for Red, White, and Blue Day (as seen here).

A funny topsy-turvy doll. Did you have one growing up? I think I did. The pattern was a bit wonky, but I am pleased regardless. I hear that the birthday girl quite likes her too.

This is the flipped doll.

These are the reunion shirts for this summer. This is the back of Chuck's parents' shirts who happen to celebrate their 50th anniversary this year.

The fronts of the shirts look like this (the shaded part is our last name, which I'm sure I've kept totally anonymous the entire time). The number represents the place you joined the family. So the eldest son is number 1,..., on down to Ollie who is the youngest at number 40. Make sense?

One of my sisters-in-law told me about how she and her children give presents to Santa to take to kids who might not have as much stuff. I like the idea so much that I made this bag specifically for those toys. I think we'll do this early in the month of December so we have time to find a place for the toys before Christmas. Instruction from here, although I obviously pieced together the front face. I'd make changes to what I did, but overall, I like the way it came together.

P.S. I'm running a four-mile race today. Wish me luck! (Or if you're running against me, don't. I can take it.)


  1. Love it all! And thanks to your picture I finally figured out how to mei tei wrap M's bunny to her! She's had bunny (stuffed, not real) on all morning. (She had her on Saturday as well but incorrectly tied.) Happy racing!

  2. like nathalia, i love it all! the santa bag is a really cute/great idea. you're so on top of it. love the reunion shirts - so creative and awesome. the doll is awesome! nice job. love the shirt; pretty sure i pinned it a while ago. hopefully i'll remember to do it - so super cool. never heard of a mei tei carrier, but it does look awesome! love the face. :) sorry to rhett that he can't play with it now. i need to make a bonnet for my trek - too bad it probably wouldn't fit my head. it's adorable, though!

  3. AMAZING. Really. I love the bonnet and the topsy turvy dolls, I need to enlist one of my "in family" crafters to make those for the little miss. COOL t-shirt idea too, 50 years IMPRESSIVE.


  4. wow! look at all your stuff! impressive! hope the 4 miles went well, seeing as i'm a bit late commenting here. i'm sure you did! i love the doll. so cool! and man, xmas stuff already. wow.

  5. Oh my gosh oh y gosh you're amazing!!!! I love that doll so much and I need a carrier for me and for Fred!!!!! And the bonnet is the same material as the purse you made me!!!! (Which I love so very very much.)