Friday, May 10, 2013

It's a Chucklas Miracle

Some months ago the soap-bar-turned-soap-sliver in our shower was miraculously replaced by an actual bar. What's so miraculous about that? I didn't do it. It was a Chucklas Miracle. Since then, a small number of these miracles have occurred. Ten days ago, Chuck started the boys' laundry before I got home from work. It was awesome. But the best Chucklas Miracle was last week when the washing machine was leaking a lot. A lot a lot. My response: call the Maytag repairman and pay who-knows-how-much-more-than-$125. That was also Chuck's first response. His second response, however, was to look at the owner's manual and see if there was anything helpful. His third response was to look online in search of more helpful tips. After about 15 minutes, the leaky tube was found, patched, and a replacement purchased for $16. If I were a nicer, richer wife, I'd surprise him with the $109 we saved. But because I'm not that wife, he gets a post on my blog.

P.S. Because this post is supposed to make Chuck look good, I'll confess: Remember the I Spy, Chuck Doesn't series? We had a very bad "I Didn't Spy, Chuck Did" on Wednesday. Part of a sippy cup stopper-thingy was not spotted by me in the dishwasher. Alas, Chuck found it immediately. See, I can be nice!

P.P.S. Some of you may know that many years ago, I used to call Chuck "Chucklas." It came from a friend whose name is Doug, whom we sometimes called Douglas, which once came out toward Chuck as Chucklas. These days I don't use it so much. Usually now it's just "HEY YOU."


  1.'s true we all need "props" sometimes, don't we? ;)

  2. Good job Chucklas! Awesome name. Can we keep it? And great example to all those around you! :D

  3. what a cool man is that chucklas. :) awesome about fixing the dryer.

    adorable picture.

  4. Hahahhaha great job chuck!!!!!