Monday, May 13, 2013

Mothers' Day Weekend

Awesome: Saturday morning I ran an unplanned 10.5 miles on the C&O Canal.

Really Awesome: After nap time, we got frozen yogurt.

Spectacularly Awesome: When it was our turn for babysitting, instead of watching six additional kids, we only had two.

Sunday Awesome: A beautiful chilly day spent at church, walking the neighborhood, playing/watching hockey, and eating something only I like for dinner. Can't ask for much more.

P.S. The underwear views got progressively worse in these shots. Boys.


  1. Wahoo! What a weekend! Glad we could contribute ever so slightly to the goodness.

  2. glad your weekend was full of awesomeness. must be because you're so awesome.

  3. sounds nice! Except all that running. I don't know if I will ever run 10 miles all at the same time! ha.

  4. C&0 trail is bomb. 10.5 miles. even more so!

  5. Cute cute pictures!!! Those enchiladas look awesome!!