Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Saturday Trip to the Beach

Last Friday I had had enough of the heat and the humidity. I just wanted to go to the beach. But the thought of spending six hours in the car with our boys was shudder-inducing. Rather than do six hours, however, I was pretty sure I could handle two. And two hours is just perfect for a trip to the Chesapeake Bay and back. We picked a beach and surprised the boys Saturday morning with the news.

We left our house before eight, and we were at the beach by nine. It was perfect. Matapeake Beach was small, but entirely ours for almost two hours. The water was warm and not too wave-y for my littles. The sand wasn't as grainy as it is at Sandy Point. The water was super shallow for a super long time. And the jellyfish allowed us to play with them, but they didn't bite. Victory!

Would I recommend this beach to others? Sure. It was perfect for little kids. Did I miss the excitement of the Ocean City boardwalk? Of course. Did I miss the yummy funnel cakes? Of course. Did I miss the hours in the car and the hard time finding parking and the super crowded beach? Of course not. Let's be honest: my two boys just want a big giant sandbox and water they're comfortable getting in, and this beach provided both.


  1. super jealous! that looks like a great saturday morning! wish we could have come along!

  2. Awesome!!! So glad you went! Looks like a winning spot! Especially when you have it all to yourselves...