Monday, July 15, 2013

You'll Probably Spy, I Didn't

The other day I walked into the boys' room to get Ollie from his nap. I looked in his bunk (you know, where I left him): no Ollie. I looked in Rhett's bunk (you know, where he's been known to climb): no Ollie. Where could this kid be? It took me much longer than it should have to find him. I bet you'll be faster.

This one's a bit tougher, however. My dad is wearing a shirt that was dyed with the same rock in which he's now camouflaged. Can you find him?


  1. you told me about picture 1, so that wasn't fair. but, ummmm, it didn't look that hard anyways. . . :)

    i saw dad's pants. if they were green it would have been more difficult! that is pretty funny about his shirt.

  2. I found them! Ollie looks like he has a talent for sleeping in any condition. Also glad your trip went so well! Your pictures make me want to go to Bryce Canyon... =)

    And Joann's WOULD come to Wheaton right after I move. Along with costco.