Monday, July 1, 2013

Our Trip, Part St. George

Posts like this are hard. There are soooo many pictures that the post would be unbearable, even for me. So I'll try to do it in list format.

1. The Things we Did.
We left Tuesday and arrived in Las Vegas around 1 a.m. (Vegas time, which was about 4 a.m. Maryland time). We got a room at Circus Circus and 
drove the strip, which took only about 45 minutes. After waking up we headed straight to my parents' home in St. George. We spent the first two days with them. We went to Snow Canyon and this crazy-cool water thing in town. We had an excellent time with them.

Friday morning we headed to the Rockin' R Ranch in Antimony, Utah for a family reunion with Chuck's family. We did tons of cowboy things and spent lots of time with family. We even had a day to visit Bryce Canyon. It was nice. Plus, you know how I feel about the west. It was dry, cool in the mornings and evenings, and I could see for miles! I love Utah.

Tuesday we headed back to Vegas (through Zions) to catch our red-eye flight. The boys did amazingly well, sleeping nearly the entire flight. When we got home Wednesday morning, we started the four batches of laundry, took four-hour naps, and did some minimal grocery shopping. Everything was a success.

2. The Happy Memories
Rhett asking everyone, "Do you want to fall for a trick?"
Both kids playing with cousins.
Me daring to do two things that scare me to death: riding horses and tubing.
Realizing how cheap tickets are to Vegas and thinking that maybe that means more trips to St. George.
Rhett LOVING Las Vegas. The boy just loved it.

3. The Not-so-Happy Memories
Rhett jumping off the window sill when he was supposed to be sleeping and busting his lip.
Ollie puking TWICE, once in the rental car and once on the grass (which killed that spot of grass).

I'm going to split the pictures into three groups. Today is the St. George part.

P.S. I am writing this Thursday night, the night of my surgery. But it takes a long time to go through pictures and I'm done. I don't know when I'll get the others up, since I just don't know how I'll be feeling. But they'll come.


  1. yeah, sounds like a great trip. i'm glad to finally see pictures and hear a little more about it. riding horses - i want pictures of you!

    go to st. george - we'll come over, too! my kids love the water area downtown, too.

    the hike looks awesome. i totally want to do it with my family - with your family. :)

  2. So fun! Glad you had a good trip. My kids loved that water park-thingy in St. George when we went there last year. I'm actually pretty sad I won't be making it to Utah this year. :(

    I'll be interested to hear about your Dude Ranch experience. how did you like tubing and horseback riding?

  3. that water place looks fantastic! I need one in my neighborhood as in close enough so I wouldn't have to drive there. Lazy aren't I? glad you got to see your folks too. fun!

  4. I love the water and rocks and canyon! It looks so cool and nice there. I can't wait to be in st George in September.

  5. Awesome recap of the itinerary. We are thinking of a 2014 Lake Powell trip with my family and we are SO going to fly into Vegas! Yay for saving money!

    Also, I'm with you on loving Utah. I forget all the time, but the windows and doors are wide open with morning breeze and NO BUGS! And the no humidity thing - while I claim to love it while on the East Coast - is A.MA.ZING. You're right. Utah is the best.