Monday, July 22, 2013

Just When You Think Life Isn't Going to Change...

Remember when I used to work full-time in the summer because my husband was a teacher? Right: it's happening now. But after our upcoming trip to Montreal, that will be a thing of the past. For the foreseeable future at least. Why? Last Wednesday Chuck was offered a job as an Instructional Specialist with the school system. And he took it. WHAT WHAT?!

Yep. Our lives are about to change pretty dramatically. Goodbye very early mornings for Chuck (and goodbye alarm clocks as our boys take care of that for us). Goodbye three o'clock in the afternoons being off from work. Goodbye days off from work for Jewish holidays, voting days, teacher workdays. Goodbye spring breaks or week-long Christmas vacations (unless he takes the time off). Goodbye wearing hockey jerseys to work. And the biggest change of all: Goodbye summers with the boys. And this is the one I truly mourn. I know this is how most people live, but it hasn't been how we live. And so that will be hard.

But there are good things! Hello later-morning runs for me. Hello help getting the boys up and dressed. Hello more money. Hello part-time work (for me) permanently. Hello summers for me to do all sorts of fun summery-things with the boys. Hello new job opportunities and growth. Hello business cards. It's exciting and scary, but that's life, right?

P.S. More about the job: He will be giving support and training to those who teach in the IB and magnet programs in our county. Some days he will be in his office. Some days he will be out on school visits. It is all very exciting, i assure you.

P.P.S. I loved what you thought the news could be. New major callings? Me pregnant? A big move? A switch to only one (but whose??) income? Good ones!


  1. Hooray for Chuck and for all of you really! At least you have almost a year to get used to the changes before you face the summers alone. And how fantastic that full time work for you will be a thing of the past. Sound like a win-win!

  2. Hooray! No kidding? No Jewish holidays or spring break even??? Admins don't get that?

    Well, this IS very exciting news! What a change!!!! Congrats, Chuck!!! And to you, Erin - can't wait to hang with you more in the summers!

  3. Well, hope they are good changes and Chuck enjoys a year (many years?) out of the classroom. I think summers with him home will be hard to give up, but on the other hand later mornings sound pretty nice. =)

  4. Wow, big news is right! How exciting! Congrats to Chuck and all of you. Glad you can enjoy more summer fun with the boys!