Monday, July 8, 2013

Our Trip, Part Dude

Loads of pictures. Sorry. But from this you can see pretty much everything we did. Except the hayride, campfire, barrel riding, tubing, horseshoeing, ping pong, hot tubbing, playing pool. and morning runs on the road.

But pictures do include horse and pony rides, lawn games, roping, archery, rodeo (as you can see, this did not end too well for Chuck), and feeding animals.

I will add that it was the most exciting horse ride I'd ever taken. We got to take the horses through lots of water. So I guess that made it exciting.


  1. so fun! i wouldn't even have tried what chuck did, so many kuddos to him. he probably almost lasted for 8 seconds, right? :)

    exciting horse ride - what about scary, too!? that probably would have been how i would describe such a ride.

    but, seriously, it looked like a fun time! glad you got to all go.

  2. how fun! looks like everyone had a great time.

  3. Oh goodness! I cannot believe Chuck tried that! What a burgeoning of activities!!! So glad you had fun. We're headed to a rodeo while in Utah as well! Yehaw!

  4. good for chuck for trying!! I love all the pictures. really so great. were there any employees named melodi and brad???

  5. I love it! You could really be a look like a natural. ;)

    So I can't believe I've missed EVERYTHING......You have had some MAJOR MAJOR news.....job, eyes, trips!!! I'm sure you are adjusting fabulously and enjoying the perks!!!!!