Friday, July 19, 2013

Running Pictures are Only Good When...'re not actually running. I mean, come on. Not only am I not Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, I'm not even close.

Exhibit A: Pre-Running Picture. Not great, but not bad. I feel it's a pretty close likeness of me, no? (No judging me for wearing sunglasses all the time. I have to. Post-surgery rules.)

Exhibit B: ACK! Horrible!

And this one? Even worse! A side shot? Really, photographer, really?

Thank goodness I can laugh about all this, right? And by "laugh," I mean "cry." But really laugh.

P.S. EEK!! BIG (life-changing, even) news for our family! I'll spill all the details on Monday.


  1. I like the pictures! The side-shot one is not the best angle, but you look cool. Well the side of you looks cool. The others are great, I think. Why do you think exhibit B is so horrible!?

    P.S. I feel privileged to know the big news. :)

    1. my legs! ugh. plus, that red face! what a red face. ha.

    2. well a red face is a given in a race, right? i think i'm usually redder! i see nothing wrong with your legs. . . .except they are a little white. :)

  2. Well, in the first pic you look super serious. Like you're about to steal NSA secrets serious. And in the other pics I think you look awesome because you're RUNNING! I mean, I think you look good. And I know what you look like in 'normal' non-running life and on Sundays. So. Kudos to you. As for the red face, I thought it was only slightly pink. Well-exercised flush, but nothing embarrassing. Hugs!

  3. who took the pictures? not chuck? I like them. It shows you being active which is super important for your kids to see, I think.

  4. I wouldn't want to see pictures of me running either. I think I am am cool/fit in my head, but then when I actually see myself... not so much! HA!

    Gosh, waiting until Monday for the news?! Torture!

  5. The last time I ran was two weeks ago. We were having a BBQ in the park a block from our apartment. I forgot forks so I ran back to our place to get some but realized I had left my keys on the picnic table (cuz you should always lock your doors even if you're a block away, pff!) so I ran all the way back to our table at which point I was way to exhausted to do it again! So I made Jon go, he walked.

    So at least you can say you aren't as pathetic as me :) you're welcome.