Friday, July 12, 2013

Our Trip, Part Vegas

The night we flew out our plane didn't take off until 11:30 p.m. We spent the evening keeping our kids awake (and not fussy) by walking the strip. Rhett LOVED it. Everything about it, he loved. It was funny.

P.S. To my Marylander friends that care (all three of you), Joann Fabrics is coming to Wheaton Plaza! No more driving to Gaithersburg! This news made my Thursday.


  1. so funny and awesome that rhett just loved it all. :) he looks so "old" in those pictures! he's growing up . . . sigh.

    guess what!? montrose is getting a joann's too! so you can now move here - we have target and joanns.

  2. I also thinks it's funny that Rhett loves Vegas. Really? Do you forsee a casino-based wedding or his honeymoon there? Hahahaha!

    Oh! Joann's! Just in time for me to start sewing, Spring 2014!!!

  3. p.s. i actually love Vegas and the strip too...

  4. Collin and I are loving all your photos!!! And we wish there was a "part Phoenix."