Monday, November 18, 2013

Another of Those Crazy Games We Played Growing Up

My mom loves her some SweeTarts. Loves them. So we would occasionally have them around the house. Now that we're grown and gone, she buys them in the long, single-serving packs. But before, we'd often have them in the three-littles-to-a-pack variety. And every time one of us opened one, the others would too, just so that we could play our "game." There never were any points assigned, nor any real rules. But without fail, emily and I knew who won immediately upon the opening of the packs.

How did we know? Triple Pink is/was always the supreme hand. If you were dealt three pinks, well, you might as well stop playing forever because that can't be beat. But because it could be tied, you kept playing. Blues and greens were the worst. Three blues or three greens and you lose. Orange was good, but not as good as pink.

The other day I got into the leftover Halloween candy (as of the day I was typing this, there remains some), and found two packs. You can see the outcome below.

P.S. Remember this other game I played when I was "little?" That was fun.


  1. I looked at the picture before I read the post and I was so confused as to how one was the winner and the other the loser. This made me laugh, what a fun game! I do that with the two pack starbursts. Double pinks win!

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    2. YES! Double pinks win for sure. Then pink/red. Then double reds.

  2. awesome, i just immediately smiled when i saw the picture - before reading the post. so great!