Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Update: Rhett

Now it's Rhett's turn.
  • He is drawing WAY more than he ever did before starting kindergarten. He will disappear into the library for 30 minutes and come out with some creation.
  • Sometimes that creation is a punishment of sorts for us. The other day he came out with a stop light and told Chuck and me that we were "on yellow." (This is a behavior thing they do at school--the closer to red, the worse your behavior. He's never not been on green. I had to throw that in there--proud mama moment.)
  • Sometimes that creation is a paper box mask/hat (attached with TONS of tape) that says "Do not talk to me." (Well, maybe not in those letters, mind you. He's still learning to spell.)
  • Sometimes it's a drawing of Ollie in the port-a-crib with "duck tap" (sic--but you get it) on his mouth. (Should we call someone on this one?)
  • His reading his coming along great! Just last week we sat down and he read an entire Bob book to me.
  • His afternoon tantrums have abated, but his post-daylight saving times tantrums have kicked in. Seriously, I despise DST.
  • His speech is also doing much better. After two years with the therapist, I think he's right where he should be.
  • He does not play well with Ollie. Something about how he takes toys away from Ollie, which makes Ollie cry, which makes parents mad, which gets him in trouble.
  • We switched his daily chore chart to his daily High 5s. He has a morning High 5, an evening High 5, and one special daily chore. For doing these he earns tickets, and he can use the tickets to "buy" "stuff."
  • He loves "new" things. And these don't have to be actual new things; switching upstairs and downstairs couches will suffice.
  • His favorite music these days is anything by Laurie Berkner. He likes other stuff, but she's definitely tops.


  1. So many thoughts on this and Ollie's update:
    * I've never known was "sic" means... I'm so lame.
    * Rhett has grown up way too fast!
    * So glad the speech therapy has worked! We called MCSPS yesterday to set up an eval for S.
    * I hate DST as well. We need some movement to get this changed in MD.
    * So glad your pic turned out of the movie night. Mine was way too dark.
    * I love that Ollie is his own biggest cheerleader!
    * His bumps and scrapes make him all the more adorable.
    * "America the Beautiful"? That's awesome - and so patriotic!
    * SO nice when kids eat everything.
    * You guys are awesome parents!!!!

  2. just awesome - but i want explanations of the pictures. #1 - crazy hair day, or does he just like that style now? :) what's #2 about - eating lunch in his classroom? well maybe that isn't his lunch! halloween? #3 - i take it that's movie night (from above comments). love their seats! and #4 is cool - love the kayakers in the back! crazy.

    yay that rhett is doing great at school - boo that he's not nicer to ollie. :) hopefully he'll grow out of it.