Monday, November 11, 2013

Update: Ollie

What's Ollie up to these days? I'm sure you were wondering. Here's a list of some things that he's doing.
  • He loves to tell us what to say. "Mom say, 'Yay Ollie!'" is just an example. He tells us to thank him should he help out, or bless him should he sneeze, or cheer for him should he do something fantastic (or even less-than fantastic).
  • He loves to tell us what to sing. "Mom sing 'Zip-a-dee-doo-dah'" was the request I got the other day in the car.
  • He loves to sing. His favorite song is the ABCs, but he'll bust out anything, including "America the Beautiful," should the mood strike him or if he's holding something that feels like a flag.
  • He likes to dance. It's a crazy, spinning thing, but it's still dancing.
  • He is still an okay sleeper. He bothers Rhett a little bit at night (wait until I give you the evidence on Wednesday--it's a doozy), but once the reading light is off, he is out.
  • He wants to go to the playground all the time. Even when it's in the 30s outside.
  • He is either a klutz or just more daring but without the skill. He always has some sort of scrape on him.
  • He likes reading, but also isn't afraid to rip books. Even library books.
  • He is a good eater, trying things (and liking most) without any problems. This shouldn't imply that he sits in his seat, however. That kid is a nomad when it comes to meal time.
  • His speech is coming along quite well. We understand most of what he says AND so do other people! It's amazing.

(FYI: There's a movie below, in case you can't tell in your reader.)


  1. (the past couple of times i enter a comment and hit "publish" it deletes my comment. ugh.)

    anyways, the video is AWESOME. i love it. and of course the big sibling is making the little sibling do all the work. of course!

    ollie just sounds so super and fantastic. he's so cute - both his looks and what he says and sings. love him!

  2. fan-tastic! for reals. the video is great. love spying on the kids when they don't think anyone is watching. they can do some pretty funny/not so funny to me things.