Monday, November 4, 2013

Hooray for Halloween!

Here are the couple of pictures I got on Halloween. We ended up with light rain all night, so I left the camera home with Chuck (who "got" to stay home doling out the candy because Rhett flipped a coin and I "won"). Rhett was Paul Bunyan and Ollie was his Babe the Blue Ox. Ollie was pretty sure that he was a moose, so we had to keep telling him he was an ox.

While trick-or-treating, Ollie would NOT let me hold his bag. He had to hang on to that thing, and only after four houses did he actually let go of candy to put it in the bag. But eventually he caught on and had a great night. I barely saw Rhett as we were in a big group of his friends and he was always about one house ahead of me and Ollie.

Breakfast is served! Because we're pretty much clueless on this whole "raising kids" thing, I followed the advice of Design Mom, who lets her kids have at it for the next 24 hours. So all day Friday (which happened to be a non-school day for Rhett), the boys were allowed as much candy whenever they wanted it. Rhett had an open-faced peanut butter and honey sandwich for lunch, but that's the only non-candy item he ate all day. Ollie had no less than five pieces of candy open, but not completely-eaten, at all times (mostly suckers that junked up my counter). What a strange guy. And all of the leftovers are hidden in the freezer; any bets on how long it takes me to eat them? For our family, I think this was a great way to deal with the candy. Teeth were brushed three or four times that day, but now I don't have to hear, "Mooooom, can I have just one more?" about eighty times a day.

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  1. Very cool! I just adore their outfits!!! Glad the whole "24-hours of candy" seems to have worked! Oh, I also love the Ollie thought he was a moose. :) But, clearly, he is Babe the Blue Ox. Silly guy.