Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Other October

In addition to Halloween and the pumpkin patch, I wanted to do fun little snacks for the boys. Knowing my limits, I vowed to give them one fun after-school snack a week, as well as a fun FHE treat. Here are the few we tried:

Nutella banana mummies. Mine didn't look nearly as pretty, and I struggled because I couldn't find the dough sheets (so I used crescent rolls), but they were still tasty. The missionaries loved them. Bonus: now we have Nutella in the house!

Monster apple bites. We do quite a lot of fruit and peanut butter, so this was easy. I used sliced almonds for the teeth. The boys loved them.

My first time making play dough was with this pumpkin recipe. I don't love the texture, but it was still okay.

Also loved by the boys were these monster eye cookies. I'm pretty sure I ate way more than they did, but of the eye-free variety.

These popcorn witches were less successful. I struggled with the hats and no way am I buying green saran wrap just for this occasion. But of course the boys liked it.

Ollie didn't like when I stuck spiders into their cheese and crackers, but Rhett sure did.

And whenever I sent fruit cups in their lunches, I always drew a jack o' lantern face on them.

I made these rice krispie pumpkins for a family who welcomed a new baby, but ran out of rice krispies so I couldn't do them for my own family. But I was super happy with their orange color. Plus I got to eat some as I made them because in my opinion, rice krispie treats are a million times better eaten warm directly out of the pan.

Whew. I think that was it. Of course now Rhett is expecting some fun snack every day, and just Monday he had a tantrum about it. Sigh. Maybe someone needs to take a page out of his mom's book and lower his expectations.


  1. You're SUCH a good mom!!!! I aspire to be like this - one month of the year. Someday.

  2. Awesome! I'll have to remember this post next year to have all my Halloween-week snacks figured out. You could have just dyed the marshmallow for the witches' snack, instead of buying green saran wrap, right?

    Awww, poor Rhett. :)

  3. what a fun mom! i love all the creativity! even if it was borrowed ;)