Friday, November 22, 2013

I Made Stuff

Rhett should be losing teeth sometime this year, right? Well, whenever it happens, I'm ready. This is hanging on the bedpost, just waiting. (Help me out, people. What do we give him when he does lose that tooth?! A quarter? Fifty cents? Twenty dollar bill?)

An apron for a sweet three-year-old's birthday.

This was for sweet one-year-old's birthday. The doll outfit happens to match a dress I made for the birthday girl, back when she was 0. Pattern comes from Martha Stewart.

I threw a baby shower for a friend a couple of weeks ago and had the attendees do some freezer paper stenciling of onesies. These were two of my favorites.

I made this banner and was so pleased with the way it hung that I haven't taken it down. It counts for Thanksgiving decor, right?

I recently bought a Kindle, and of course I needed a cover for it. I found a tutorial, used some gorgeous fabric, but then had to throw it all away since the tutorial was not my favorite (the cover was so stiff it would barely close). But at least I had a prototype that I could use to draft a much better pattern.

I love this hat. I made one for Rhett years ago, and mis-remembered this as being a difficult pattern. It's not. I should have done this a long time ago.


  1. Did you make the doll too? I love it! We do a dollar which I think is overly generous!

    1. Yes, I made the doll. Yes, that does sound quite generous! I think I'm leaning towards a quarter.

  2. As always, so many cute things! The world is lovelier because of your creations! We love the apron.

  3. love it, just love it all! did you just make up the tooth pillow, or use a tutorial? i need something better for my kids.

    i think we give $1. which is cheap compared to our neighbor - she gets oodles. like $10 or something ridiculous. if you start with a quarter, i'm sure he'll be super pleased. :)