Monday, March 24, 2014

Birthday Weekend

I really wish that we could contain a birthday to just one day. I know it's up to me, but really, it just doesn't seem possible. Maybe next year.

We started the celebrations on Friday with early-morning present opening. We gave Rhett a watch (he's obsessed with knowing the time) and some Lego people. He got Legos for Christmas, but didn't play with them much. I can safely say now that all he needed was the little Lego guys. He also got some good books, a remote-controlled car (that he loves), money, and clothes. After playing with Legos all morning, it was off to school! Ollie and I dropped by his lunch with cupcakes for his classmates. They were adorable, if not a little greedy. But I guess (I hope) that comes with the age.

Immediately after school we whisked the boys and Rhett's friend Madeleine to Baltimore and a visit to its children's museum.

Saturday was a low-key morning followed by our babysitting group at our house. We had planned it that way so that we could call it a party, but not have all the work of inviting people. We had a gorgeous day so spent the first hour at the playground, then we got to eat pizza outside, and then more playing, ending with some TV. Perfect. Aren't these kids adorable?

Sunday was another low-key morning before church and then a dinner with our local family. It doesn't sound like much, but it was enough for me.

Six. The boy is six. Only one-third to adulthood!

P.S. And for anyone who has the time, here's his yearly interview. And if he'd only answer the questions a teensy bit more quickly, it would been forty seconds, instead of four minutes.

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  1. awesome, it looks like a great few days of birthday partying.

    super cute video. he's getting so big! :)

    cool, an astronaut. :) but what is poppy-seed pasta? is that what he/you said????