Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More About Rhett

This kid. In so many ways, still such a baby. In so many others, a big kid!

The Good: Rhett really seems to know right from wrong, and he usually wants to do the right thing. He is a good friend to those at school, and the other kids seem to really like him. There are moments where it seems like the things we are trying to teach him are sinking in. His reading is really coming along. It's fun to be out and about, and he'll just ask what random words are, or what they mean. He and Ollie can be such good friends. When we put them to bed around 7:15, they are allowed to stay up until 8. They mostly just read books in bed, but sometimes we hear them playing or doing who-knows-what. He's become a much better eater as of late. He'll try most things and and has learned to eat things that are not his favorite. This is a major milestone for him. He is always making something out of paper. It could be a "good list," a schedule for our day, or just weird hats, crowns, or dioramas.

The Weird: He LOVES nutcrackers. LOVES. He talks to them, plays with them, denies all requests to put them away until next Christmas. I honestly have no idea where this addiction came from.

The Bad: He is a hoarder! The kid will grab stuff from the trash and hide it in the library, which he thinks is his secret place. And when I say "trash," I mean trash: empty cereal boxes, empty chip bags, little scraps of paper, whatever. So usually I have to go in and clean it up without him knowing. He's none the wiser. Tantrums! I'm shocked that at six years old, I'm still dealing with these from him. Sometimes it seems that he cries more than Ollie does. Maybe we didn't do a good job teaching him emotions management, but man, I am so done with these. So done. They do seem to be decreasing in frequency, however.

Overall, Chuck and I feel very lucky to have such a healthy, fun, energetic boy in our family.

Why yes, those are almonds taped to the bookshelf. Doesn't everyone decorate with hanging almonds?


  1. Yes, I think the Nutcracker fascination is a bit . . . different. So I love it! :) What a funny kid.

    And I so know what you mean about being a hoarder. We used to call Miles a "hoardiculturist." Haha, we're so funny. When I throw things out from his room, he'll go through the trash. So now I just have to take it right out to the trash bin.

    Sorry about the tantrums. But at least you can tell they are getting better . . . and not worse. Awesome.

  2. Fun kid! And fun details to learn about him :) I think kindergarten age is a very "sensitive" time for whatever reason. Molly still cries, not that she throws tantrums, per se, but she still cries and that kind of bothers me. Although I was super sensitive, so I guess I can't complain!

    I love the nutcrackers. Awesome. Ali used to be a hoarder like that and would freak out when we threw her trash away. So hopefully it's just a phase that he's almost done with :) Ali is over it.