Monday, March 17, 2014

Worst Weekend Ever

We had plans! Lots of fun plans! But when Chuck and I woke up totally sick on Saturday morning, our bodies made other plans for us. Plans like, letting the kids watch lots of TV while we rested. Plans like, eating only saltines, toast, and a Slurpee (none of which stayed in our bodies). Plans like, totally ignoring our very, very, very good children as they played and didn't fight. Um yeah, so other plans. Even Sunday was ruined by Rhett's puking. Poor buddy. (I will say that a nearly-six-year-old is much better at making it to a toilet when compared to a three-year-old. For this I am oh-so grateful.)

This might be the best thing that happened to me the entire weekend. I tried cutting fabric with my Silhouette. Success! It's part of my brother and sister-in-law's wedding gift, but it doesn't reveal too much. I could get very addicted to this!

And the worst thing this weekend did to us was to give us yet another snowstorm. March 17th and snow. Ridiculous. The only reason I'm not pulling out my hair is that it's March and hopefully it will melt away quickly. It better. Also, Chuck is off too. It could be worse.


  1. SO COOL - i love that you can cut out fabric with your silhouette! so super great. it looks awesome and i can't wait to see the whole project.

    yes, miles is a pro at barfing now - so that is something to look forward to. it gets even better and easier. hopefully he's better today and maybe ollie will skip it! i hope so. hopefully you're better today. i'm glad that chuck is off, too - for your sake and his. :)

  2. I miss the snow so bad! Yay for cutting fabric with the silhouette! I've done it a few times. Love that little machine!