Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Letter to My Representatives

Dear Congressman Van Hollen, Senator Cardin, Senator Mikulski, and heck, why not, President Obama:

My husband and I live in your respective districts. We live pretty regular, suburban lives. I am a part-time federal employee; my husband works for our local school system. We have two young sons. We are fortunate to have our jobs, our home, and especially each other. We are doing a good job taking care of ourselves.

At this point in our lives, I believe that the work you do has little effect on us. However, I would like to give you the opportunity to change that. And not only would you be changing our lives (for the better), but also the lives of many, many others. What is my proposal? Please please please introduce a bill to get rid of daylight saving time (DST). I'll even let you choose if you'd like to keep us on DST forever, or not; that matters not to me. I just want the time changing to stop.

Of course some people (like three or four) will argue against this. But don't listen to them; they're dummies. DST only has short-term benefits. In the spring, sure, who doesn't love the extra light in the evenings? But remember, time marches on and we would eventually catch up to that amount of daylight in the evenings. The research is clear: DST benefits no one anymore.

In conclusion, changing our clocks semi-annually is evil. It must be ended.


P.S. And to those of you who I may have called a "dummy," I apologize. I know you're not dumb. Just confused. Kidding! We'll just have to agree to disagree on this topic, however.


  1. love it. waking up at body-time of 4:15 is so not cool. i think it should stop. who cares if it's not light at 9pm in the summer? we could see the stars earlier when we camp. seriously, why do we still do this?

  2. Amen! If you start a petition, I'll sign it!