Monday, March 3, 2014

Self-assessment: Prep for Winter Storm XIII

And here we are again: getting ready for Yet. Another. Snowstorm. Do you know how much I am dreading this? How much I am loathing it? How much I'd love to share this precip with the dried-out western U.S.? A LOT. After our thousands of storms this winter (a teensy bit of hyperbole, I'll grant you), you'd think we'd be ready. I'm going to grade us on how we did based on this rubric.

1. Firewood. Thought about it. Meant to do it. Thought we'd have time to get it after church, but the rain was just too yucky. Grade: F.

2. Baking supplies. Check. We even have blueberries, so maybe blueberry scones? Grade: A+ (the '+' is for the blueberries).

3. Adult refreshments. Check. Runts and severely-discounted Valentines Day cinnamon bears. Also, for Chuck, chips and some of that nasty "cheese." Grade: A.

4. Activities for the boys. Eh. I'm sure we've got something for them to do, right? If not, movies it is! Grade: C.

5. Activities for me. Check. I can work on a gift for a friend or my sister's Christmas gift. (I know; I'm awesome.) Grade: A.

6. Charged camera. As I typed this Sunday afternoon, no, but then it reminded me to do so, so yes. Grade: B+.

Overall our GPA was a 2.883. Eek. That's not good. Better luck next time (which better be in late, late 2014, if not 2015 if not never).

P.S. As of Sunday morning, the models were predicting 8-12". But thanks to my fasting, Chuck later informed me we were then in a 4-8" band. And maybe I'm kidding about fasting for it. I'll let you be the judge.

P.P.S. Thinking of warmer times...


  1. love this. super pleased that your fasting has reduced the prediction to half. love that! hang in there - i can't believe how much snow you've gotten! just crazy!

  2. Overachiever. Isn't 2.8 GPA good enough for you? ;) You working today? That should make it easy to survive snow day #2 of the WEEK. This is insane. Here's to wishing for spring!

  3. I think you have had more snow than we have all winter. We've seen our entire lawn for almost a month now. Freaky. Will Rhett be attending school all summer to make up all the snow days missed or will he get a vacation? I'm sorta jealous of your snow.