Friday, March 14, 2014

Snapshots for the Mind

At least until the boys are both in school, I think I'll always have a hard time with motherhood. And who am I kidding? Probably even after. It doesn't mean I don't love my boys, it just means I don't love the ins and outs of mothering them. But I have been working on finding those joyful moments. I remember one from two Mondays ago, during what was hopefully our last snowstorm. Rhett had just gone down a sledding hill and then fell on the ground making a snow angel. It was a beautiful moment.

Then the other day, both boys were sitting at the little boys' table. Ollie took a big swig of milk, said a big, "Ahhhhhhhh," and then followed it with "BURP." He didn't actually burp, but rather, just said the word. We all enjoyed a good laugh.

And Wednesday, Ollie happily played with his salt. I love watching this child play so independently. I also love how long we let his hair grow.

I know these moments are rare, but knowing that they exist with probability greater than zero helps. And yes, I had to throw in math-speak because....

P.S. Happy Pi Day! So excited for strawberry crumble pie tonight.


  1. sweet moments. :) cute picture! is that a heart-shaped pan?

    i'm going to look at ben's pie book and see what i should make for tonite! i almost forgot.

  2. So... how was the pie? Any other festivities for pi day?

    Ollie's hair is awesome. More hair than Sophie has!

  3. man I know what you mean. life can be so wonderful, but also SO hard sometimes. I'm finding that i'm having a really hard time separating "loving" both of my children at the same time and giving them attention at the same time. It feels I'm neglecting one or the other and I feel badly about it all the time. On one hand, I know these times won't last forever and It's get easier when they're both older and more independent...but on the other hand it kills me to think that this time is so short and precious and will be gone forever before I know it. phew.