Friday, June 6, 2014

A Parenting Non-Tip (I got tons of these)

Let's say your kid (and you) had a rough morning. Tantrums were going on all over the place. By the time you get the kid (let's just call him your "elder son," shall we?) to school, you are done parenting. But after multiple other tantrums by another kid who happens to live in your house ("younger son"), and a failed nap by "younger son," you're spent. But you also know that you're partly to blame, right? I mean, sure, the sons were 99% of the problem, but you know, someone else was responsible for the 1%.

Anyway, here's what not to do (the non-tip, if you will): resolve to have a do-over morning. You know, complete with pretending to sleep and then waking up to an after-school snack of cereal. Then getting dressed into pajamas and brushing teeth. But you won't want to do this because this would actually be a fun, light-hearted way to teach the behavior you wish had happened in the morning. Oh no, better to just expect the tantrum at the door and then go lock yourself in your room with your kindle until your husband gets home.

Now there's a tip.

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  1. sigh . . . i'm sure i have many good parenting non-tips as well. mine usually revolve around the evening time, though - that's when i'm pretty much DONE. "Ugh, why do we have to go in, we never get to play!" (It was 8:30 PM and the kid had been playing ALL DAY LONG.) seriously!?