Friday, June 27, 2014

My New Nemeses

In the spring, our front yard is inundated with "helicopters." You know, the seeds that fall from maple trees? The things that look like little whirly things as they're falling? Sure, the kids love them. But me? I HATE them. They land on my porch and then descend on the bush bed. THEN. Then they sprout. For months, 30 new little sprouts grow every day, and I have to weed them out of there. (And yes, I have counted.) Oh how I hate them. Next year I'm going to cover my entire front porch area with netting so they can't get in.

P.S. My old (but ongoing) nemesis remains my newspaper delivery man. We have a double-wide driveway, something rare in my neighborhood. And yet he insists on throwing the paper on the grass. Why is this a problem? Because east coast grass is soaked with dew! I HATE walking in it. And then the newspaper bag is soaking wet. I just don't understand why it can't be thrown on my driveway. WHY?! My life is so hard...still.

P.P.S. Not enough whinging for ya? Just wait! Monday there will be more! Yippee!


  1. Lol, I love it. You crack me up. Can't wait to hear more whining on monday.

  2. UGH, i just made a comment and it deleted it all. UGH. there's my whining. wait, i'll add some more: being miserable for 10 days cuz of my horrible teeth. UGH. should have had the darn thing pulled last wekk.

    sorry about your probs. but glad that's all you have to deal with, i guess. :) but it's still a pain.