Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Parenting Tip (sorry, only one because that's all I got)

I don't know about your kids, but mine are constantly phrasing questions in the form of demands. "Mom, may I please have some water?" has become "WATER!" To say that it drives me absolutely crazy is to underestimate my rage.

But instead of freaking out on the ungrateful, lovely children, Chuck and I simply respond to them, "That is not a nice question." It doesn't tell them what to say. It doesn't tell them what's wrong with the way they initially "asked." But man does it work! Sure, I've said it about a million times in the past two weeks, but it works. And in about ten years, I'm sure all our hard work will pay off.

P.S. While I'm talking about my children, take a look at this awesome school work by Rhett. I love it.


  1. hmmmm, i'll give it a try today . . . "that's not a nice question."

    love his school work!!! love, love. i love that he's waving or something as he crawled as a baby. :) i love how he walks. and are you sure he's making money in that picture - looks more like some suspicious robbery to me. :) kidding. so cute!

  2. Um, he's saying "tank you." How many robbers do you know that thank their victims?

  3. thank you for the tip! seriously! i never know how to respond to my kids' repeated demands that they (in their hearts, I believe) intend as questions. yet again, great parenting by the hubands!