Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Things Ollie Says (and Does)

Ollie: Time for a adult quiz!
Us: Oooookay.
Ollie: How do you eat a mickey pancake?
Chuck: Uh, ears first and then the face?
Ollie: No! With your MOUTH!

As I'm getting him ready for a nap...
Ollie: When you are the size of me, you are going to take naps.

Ollie is whining for me to carry him home from Rhett's school.
Me: Fine. You want me to carry you? That means you're a baby, and I'm going to call you a baby.
Ollie: Fine. But I won't say "goo goo."

And yes, that is an inside-out shirt on his legs in the picture above and in the video below. I'm pretty sure the underwear needs no explanation. Which is good, because I have none.


  1. um, pure awesomeness. All of it - what he says and and what he wears and what he does. Hilarious.

  2. That kid kills me. Just kills me with laughter.