Monday, June 30, 2014

One Crappy Week Done

After the first week of summer went well, I had high hopes. But then last week happened. You'd think Rhett in Vacation Bible School for three hours daily would make it a breeze, right? Me too! But I was wrong. It was hard. The boys fought constantly. It was hot and humid. Ollie was grumpy. I was grumpy. Other than attend a funny dog trick show on Wednesday night and playgroup Friday morning, we didn't do much. And I'm finding that my boys are infinitely better-behaved when we are out doing things when compared to being lazy in the house, but I need them to have lazy days in the house so I can have lazy days in the house. So it was hard. It made me miss my full-time work days of summer.

But I have hopes for this week. Playdates with friends, a holiday, AND guess who gets to watch the D.C. fireworks on the mall from the roof of her work building? This girl (and her three boys)! This week will be better. It must be better. I still have 19 days to go.

P.S. Not only do I kind-of miss my full-time work days, but Chuck definitely misses his summer off! He's finding it awfully hard to work during the summer. Poor guy.

P.P.S. Oh, this is great. Ollie got sick on Saturday. He had a fever and was reduced to much less than his usually-crazy self. Poor buddy. Please cross your fingers it doesn't turn into hand-foot-mouth disease.

P.P.P.S. Summer is, once again, killing my desire to cook. I will not admit to what we've been eating for dinner.

P.P.P.P.S. Summer hasn't killed my desire to sew, however. It might have increased it because the basement is so nice and cool! I made another bunk bed book bag for a friend's daughter and two purses for my nieces for Christmas. I'm awesome.


  1. I hear ya about the fighting! My bigs have been pretty mean to each other. We've had ever so many FHE lessons and conversations about kindness, the golden rule, etc. Clearly, it's not working!

    I hear ya about the lazy days at home. I need them, but then there seems to be more fighting. Ugh.

    I hear ya too about not wanting to cook. Blah. I can't even remember what we've eaten.

  2. yeah, some days and weeks can be tough. just think of your up and coming kid-less vacay. that should help a little?!

    i bet it's an adjustment for chuck, too. too bad there isn't a perfect schedule - like everyone off for the summer! :)

    how is ollie? still a fever? anything else going on?

  3. The fireworks sound amazing! Lucky you guys. My kids have been fighting too. Not fun.

    I really hope your kids don't get hand foot and mouth. Justin had it. It didn't get my kids, but he had it BAD. It was yucky. I was paranoid about my kids, but somehow they didn't get it. It's been going around :(

    I actually sewed a few things lately and I'm very proud of myself. I've been way too out of the habit. Sad!