Monday, June 23, 2014

One Fun Week Done, Nine to Go!

So far, so good. Two Saturdays ago we woke up to a gorgeous day, so I knew we must immediately head to the zoo. If we didn't go then, it would be September until we got another chance. And the day did not disappoint. Plus, after having four kids for three days, we knew we could do anything!

Then on Sunday we had a nice Father's Day.

Monday we went to pick strawberries. In years past, I always felt left out when my friends got to go do this during their summers. Because I worked full-time, I couldn't. So I knew this was one of the things I wanted to do first. However, I'm not sure I'll go again. I didn't really like it and Ollie just sat there. So we quickly returned home and started preparing the food for "Strawberry Day!" (See how I knocked "berry picking" and "silly holiday" off the summer list in one shot? Sweet.) We had strawberry salsa on chicken, a strawberry drink, and strawberry poundcake. But I'm definitely happy with store-bought produce from here on out.

Months ago, I got tickets for Wednesday to go to the top of the Washington Monument. Who knew I'd pick the day when D.C. is the hottest spot in the country (at noon, at least)?! But we survived. It was actually quite fun! The twinner outfits on the boys was only half intentional--I promise. I wanted them in their whitest shirts (hot day, remember?) and they happened to be the same. So, what can I do except put the same colored shorts on?! For you locals: Don't be dumb like me and go during the summer. Go in the fall when (1) there are no tourists and (2) it's not sweltering.

They were definitely tired at the end, however.

And quite silly.

Friday was spent at the park, with some nice and lazy parenting...just how I prefer it.

And finally, Saturday morning we woke up to another un-hot day, so after my long run, we headed out to Fort McHenry (which is near Baltimore). It was surprisingly fun! We had perfect weather and really enjoyed ourselves. On the way home we listened to my "patriotic" playlist. Ha.

P.S. This week is Vacation Bible School for Rhett, so thankfully we won't be so busy.

P.P.S. These outings on Saturdays after my long runs are really wearing me out!


  1. So much fun! We want to do the Washington Monument this fall.

    Also, we jumped on the vacation bible school bandwagon this year. $20 for 3 hours a day all week, the week Jeff happens to be in Pittsburg for training? OH YES! Sadly, I could sign Elodie up of that would have been perfect!

  2. Now I'm jealous of you. :) It looks like you've had a great couple of weeks! All the pictures are super cute. I really like the one on father's day - super great picture.