Monday, June 9, 2014

Two Crazy Weeks

Last week at work I had a training that took me to work FOUR DAYS. Can you believe I had to make myself four lunches AND pick out four work outfits. Even harder than that was scheduling additional babysitting and easy dinners. It wasn't my favorite week. (Ooooh, but eating out Friday night at a local Latin place WAS amazing. It's my new favorite place.) But we had a lovely, easy Saturday complete with creek playing. I don't know why I bothered to roll Ollie's pants. Not only did he sit in the water, but he fell more than twice. So um yeah, next time we bring dry clothes for the walk home.

And why is this week crazy? Because I'm doubling the number of kids I have. Some good friends are going out of town for their 9th anniversary, and I (knowing I would be equally paid back), offered to watch their girls. I think previous-me would have been scared to death. And sure, I'm a little bit nervous about bedtimes, but everything should be relatively easy. Our four kids play easily, I have fun things planned (MUST have plans!), and it's only three days. It will be great. And then it will be greater when they take my boys later this year.

P.S. What's your favorite over-the-counter allergy medicine? This is my first time with spring allergies and I don't like it one bit.


  1. I love that creek - how close is it to your home? Man, I could see my boys spending their entire summer there. :) Just put Ollie in a wet suit and call it good.

    What did you eat at a Latin place? Sounds fun!

    Good luck this week!

  2. Did you guys go to Paladar? Yum!!!

    And you are so brave. Just like I will be brave when I have your boys this winter. GOOD LUCK!!! ;) And THANK YOU. You're gonna rock it, 'mama' of four under six!

  3. LOVE the anniversary swaps!

    You can totally be momma of 4!

  4. What is this Latin place? Do tell!