Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Award Season

Welcome everyone to this installment of the Hubanity's Major Awards. This morning I'll be handing out awards in the "Laundry Division."

To the male (ahem, Chuck included) who makes me turn right-side-out the fewest number of clothing items (socks, shirts, underwear, etc.) goes the "Fewest Number of Inside-out Articles" Award.

To the boy submitting the highest number of matching socks goes the "Fewest Orphan Socks" Award.

To the boy who consistently gets his dirty laundry in his hamper while keeping his laundry out of his brother's goes the "Fewest Traitors" Award.

To the boy who changes his underwear at least as many days as there are days in the week goes the "Most Underwear" Award. (I will give out two awards if that encourages entrants to get the award.)

That concludes this Hubanity's Major Award announcement. Join us next time for awards in the "Kitchen Division."


  1. Can't wait to see who wins! I love it. Hilarious!

  2. Oh! Can I submit a contestant? Because I know someone who could compete for the first award. Let the games begin! Love, Natalie