Friday, September 4, 2015

Look What I Got

Last week while at a park, new signs were being installed on the nearby trail system. Of course I'm too embarrassed to ask for the old ones; that's why I have kids! I sent Rhett to ask what they do with the old ones and he returned with the answer of, "Take them back to the warehouse." Oh well. I tried. BUT later the guys came over and offered one to us! Of course we took it. What's a 3/4-mile walk home carrying an awkward, sorta-heavy, definitely large sign? Nothing!

And when Chuck took his math clock to work, he left a vacant spot on the wall in the playroom. Perfect.

P.S. Holy crap. Here's a math problem you've likely never seen: humidity + trail run + late dusk + light rain = ??? FROGS. For reals. My running partner and I screamed and peed like little girls. I'm pretty sure we left behind us some serious carnage. Grossest run ever.


  1. haha, just like in moses' time! sounds fun and cool - but i'm sure it was super gross!

    i want a picture of the sign in your playroom. it's a cool sign for sure!

  2. and, hey, kids DO come in handy at times!

  3. Awesome sign. Good thing you made/encouraged Rhett to ask. And ew. Just ew about the frogs. Could you feel them underfoot? Or just assumed? ~Natalie