Wednesday, September 23, 2015

One Nighter

Since buying the Scamp, we've kind of committed ourselves to camping more often, even if it means quick one-nighters. But because we have the Scamp, the overnighters are just so easy! Except for food, most everything is ready to go. Love it.

Even though we've visited this state park before, Cunningham Falls is quick and easy and lovely. The boys particularly loved the hike as it was filled with huge boulders--the perfect medium for climbing kids. Chuck particularly loved doing it without a herniated disc in his back. I particularly loved doing it without an infant.

Yes, the banner is new. I'm sure someday we'll return to eating outside, but for now it's just still such a novelty to eat inside the camper.

Even big boys love climbing rocks.

We've got a two-nighter in the works for October. Sweet.


  1. Great pictures - looks like a ton of fun! Glad you're using the scamp; it looks awesome. The banner is adorable. The log picture looks pretty sketchy - was it?

  2. Gah! Why am I not there doing these things with you?

    Although I bet the Scamp wouldn't fit us in with you and... that's kind of the lure (as well as your company)...