Wednesday, September 2, 2015

First Day of Second Grade

We start the back to school traditions on Sunday, with the stamping of the shirt (which, at age seven, he's already too cool for)...

...and the back to school dinner. Which has turned into anything for the entree and a side of tots on the trays. Because tots and trays just scream school lunch to me. Also, the boys got a box of milk, which was disgusting. (I chose pepperoni sandwiches because it's been a summer staple. And now that summer is over, I'm ready to serve real meals and have real fights over them. Sigh.)

We got the picture early in the morning (can't let anyone see us)...

...with the new hand print on the sleeve.

But right as we're about to leave, Rhett decides he needs to go to the bathroom and Ollie decides he needs a drink of water...both of which somehow require the bathroom. Which, of course, leads to a fight. Which, of course, leads to Ollie biting Rhett and Rhett punching Ollie. Hence this pic. Happy First Day of School everyone.


  1. I'm sorry that I'm laughing, but I am. I know how it would feel as the mother at that moment, but now it might even be funny to you? No? That picture is just the best. I love your back-to-school dinner. So cool!

    How does Rhett like school so far?!

  2. I second everything Emily said. Funny. Also because our first day was similar. Without all the cool traditions, of course. :D ~Natalie

  3. Ump the first day shirt is GENIUS. I'm totally jealous I didn't think of it and start it with mine.........Clearly I could do it now, but I just don't think it would be as cool. You are AMAZING.