Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ollie Grows Up Too

It's a big day folks. Later today, Ollie will be in preschool, and I will have four blessed, quiet hours. I think I was a bit over-ambitious with my goals for today. All that's going to happen is the haircut, lunch with Chuck, and maybe I'll make a special treat for Ollie. And while that treat is baking, I'll read. I hope I don't fall asleep while reading and burn the cookies, because HEY. I'm old. Falling asleep while reading is totally a thing. In fact, it's how I set myself up for a nap.

Anyway, OLLIE. Right. The kid is a nut. I was really nervous about preschool because he does not do well at drop-offs. How many years has he been going to our babysitter? How many years have we dropped him off at either nursery or Sunbeams? A lot. And the kid still fights them both. So I knew preschool could potentially be fraught with troubles. I contacted the school's director who was happy to let us in one day to play. We stayed for an hour and he had a great time playing with toys. Last week we went to an open house for his preschool, so although other kids were there, so I was. Another good experience. Finally, last Friday I had parent orientation. Ollie was left in the room (not happily, but not kicking and screaming either). The meeting was only 45 minutes, and when it was done, Ollie was just fine! I really think he'll be okay today for the real deal. And he's been a lot happier and nicer lately, so I don't think he'll be kicked out. Or, as Vacation Bible School put it, "asked not to return." That Ollie.

Cute pictures of the first day of school will come on Friday. Until then, you'll have to be happy with this video of him reading his self-published book. He's a charmer for sure.

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  1. hahaha, that is just the greatest of stories. i'm impressed with his knowledge of nurses, too. :) man i wished we lived closer!