Monday, September 28, 2015

I Love Saturdays

Have I mentioned that next summer we're going to Germany to visit my parents? Well we are. And in order to best prepare my kids, I knew we had to visit an Oktoberfest because I'm sure it's 100% authentic and exactly like our German experience will be (end sarcasm font) We found one in rural Virginia and went Saturday morning.

The drive was lovely (yes, I am turning into my parents, or just old), and the little town was nice. The festival was good, as were the bratwurst, huge pretzel, German music, and dancing. Good times. But sadly I forgot my camera in the car and have no pictures of any of this. Bad times. Although the boys did get to sit in these little cars.

But when we finished being German around 1:30, I knew it was way too early to head home. As we were close to Harper's Ferry, we took a quick side trip and finished our day there. My only regret was that we are a couple of weeks early for fall colors, but that just means we have to go back. Oh and bonus for us! Saturday was Free Public Lands Day so we saved on the entry free to the park. I love when that happens.

Pretending to be park rangers. And first time ever banging on a typewriter. I love those WPA posters.


Fighting about which direction we should hike on the AT.

Church ruins.

Jefferson Rock. Can you find Ollie?

It turned out to be a great Saturday. One where you love where you live and love the people you're with.

P.S. We love this dinner. Seriously so good. Strong flavors, filling, comes together quickly. Added to our dinner regular rotation.


  1. What an awesome Saturday - I'm super jealous. Those type of Saturdays are good for the soul . . .

  2. Sounds wonderful!!!

    And if only I could easily get chicken here and if I had grown cilantro. Then I would make that dinner. Maybe I will anyhow. I always like your suggestions.

  3. This day looks AMAZING. I'm quite sure your Octoberfest experience will be COMPLETELY similar to actually being in Germany. 100 % convinced.......End sarcasm font.

    So So So cool for you and yours, I'm sure your parents have a count down chain anticipating your arrival! ;)