Friday, February 25, 2011

Sewing Again

I do 99.34% of my sewing during nap time and after Rhett goes to bed. But because this pregnancy continues to zap nearly all of my energy, I have done little sewing as of late, choosing to sleep during those times instead. I expected to be tired through week 13, but so am frustrated that the exhaustion is not completely gone as I near 17 weeks. Let's just say I'm tired of being tired.

Regardless, I have worked on a couple of things since the Pioneer skirt disaster. First was this calendar for Rhett. He repeatedly asks, "What day is it?" I tired of this and decided to make a calendar that is week-based. His follow-up question is always, "What do we do on _____?" (fill in the day). So now he knows! The little pictures are stuck on with double-sided tape, so it's easy to move them depending on what's happening that day. My Silhouette totally came in handy here.

This was another one of those, "Why have I been living with this [insert crappy object] when I know how to sew?!" projects. It also came at just the right time since Wednesday's mutual activity with the Laurels was on budgeting. Since I wanted a new checkbook cover, we all got new checkbook covers! I love the simplicity of Small Fry and Co.'s tutorial, made easier because I didn't do the button (I hate doing buttons). Thanks Small Fry!

Finally, when I purchased the sheet for what-was-to-become my Pioneer skirt, I also bought a sheet intended for maternity pajama pants (can you tell I'm super nervous about a summer pregnancy?). After stealing the elastic from the Pioneer skirt, I was able to finish these pants. They're too chilly for now, but I'm sure I'll love them soon enough. I followed Dana's tutorial on her blog Made.

And finally, I made this vest and tie for a good friend's newborn son. I really enjoy doing vests because they're fairly simple, but something a little different for a baby boy gift.


  1. You are so SEW talented. Love the calendar!

  2. i love the weekly calendar - it's fantastic. i bet rhett loves it, too.

    and the checkbooks are adorable. did the girls love them???

    awesome pants - they'll be perfect. they will probably be more like "day-time/any-time" pants than PJs. :)

    wow, the vest is perfect! was it really that easy? love it.

  3. So cute!! I love the calendar. What a great idea, especially if he's always asking! Ha, two birds with one stone!! Love it!

    I should do a checkbook too. Mine is this ugly brown. Boring!

  4. So cute!! Don't stress about being preggers in summer!! I really love being pregnant in summer - sundresses all the time!!

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  5. cuteness! i'd feel like the luckiest YW ever to have you as my leader. Henry's Sunbeam teacher is/was super crafty. It was always a fun surprise to see what he came home with each week. She only had 3 in her class so she was extra creative!