Friday, September 16, 2011

Another Vote, Another Day that I'm Too Tired to Post Anything Interesting

I am too exhausted to post anything too deep or thoughtful; sorry. You get this instead:

Do you think it's bad/unsafe/dangerous/should-be-illegal to drive a car while listening to headphones? I won't try to convince you (well, not now) of the correctness of my side of the issue. Just tell me what you think.

Only one P.S. today: Let's say your husband is a school teacher and therefore has school pictures done yearly. And because he's a teacher, he gets the prints for free. What would you do with them? Hand them out to all his bffs? Mail them to his grandparents?

P.P.S. (So what if I lied about the number of addenda.)  I bought some super cute skull fabric. What should I make out of it? Are skull ties appropriate for church?


  1. THANK YOU for bringing this issue up!! I SWEAR in Utah it is illegal to drive with headphones in! I remember reading that from my driver's pamphlet in drivers ed. I did see people in Utah with headphones in so it confuses me as to the law....

    It should 100% be illegal. They can't hear cars around them if they honk, or if there is an ambulance so they know to pull over, etc. It drives me crazy when I see it.

    -Send to friends as a joke and have him write things like INVU4URAQT on the back ha ha.

    -I say do the tie! If there is any left over, you could make a trick or treat collection bag out of it, or pj pants!

  2. skull ties are fine for church, I think.

    and I think driving with headphones is super dangerous...not that it has stopped me from doing it.

  3. I have no objection to headphones any more than texting while driving. :)

    You should have a Chuck shrine wall with pics from year 1 to today.

    Yeah, we'll probably differ on this one. No skulls ties in my household (I mean, Chuck and Rhett can wear them when visiting); but as for me and my house, there shall be no character ties.

  4. But I do like the pj pants and t.or.treat bag ideas.

    And the tie thing is just like my no sandals to church thing. Inexplicably priggish.

  5. i think it's bad/unsafe/dangerous to drive with headphones. do i think it should be illegal? not necessarily; people need to be allowed their exercise their common sense every once in a while. rather than having a law out there for every little bitty thing. why i think it's worse than listening to the radio is b/c you can "tune-out" easier when listening to headphones as it blocks out a lot more noise. (i have a feeling you are all for it though. . . can't wait to hear what you have to say.)

    i don't know about chuck's photos. maybe the teachers who don't use them can tell the photog: please, don't print me up any. it's a huge waste. if not, do what emily said. fuuny.

    i think a skull tie is not appropriate for church. i mean, isn't that a little weird to wear in the chapel during sacrament time? i'd be okay with candy corns on a tie, but not so sure about skulls. . .

    (am i head-butting you on every issue here? :)

  6. No headphones while driving...too dangerous to not be able to hear. However, I wonder if deaf people are allowed to drive...

    I'm with Natalie on the Chuck wall shrine :) Brilliant!

    no skull ties at church...too weird for me. But I tend to be priggish, as well. And once again, I agree with Natalie on no sandals at church - I knew there was a reason I liked her. :) (I know you didn't ask the sandal question, but since she and I were agreeing on so much I decided to point it out)

  7. no headphones......

    skull ties are fine......

    create chuck wall paper! OR my MIL makes the school photographer take pics of her grandkids instead of her!!! ;)

  8. I agree about the no headphones but now that I have an iPhone I have realized that the headset does double duty as a phone headset and head phones for music so all those people you see driving around with white headphones might just have them in so that they can talk on theirs phones hands free. That being said, I only put in the right one that had the mic on it because I don't like driving with two earpieces in. It disturbs me more to see people on bikes with headphones on and/or talking on phones.