Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Exercise Your Right to Vote!

Now that we've got Rhett and Oliver's stuff in the goon boys' room, we can start working on the library. I really want a map in there, but am torn between these two. (They would both be created to be an appropriate size for the wall space.) Please vote.



C. Other: ____________ (please give me other idea)

And while you're busy voting, why not tell me if I should do a birth announcement for Ollie. We did one for Rhett, but I'm feeling less than motivated to do one for Ollie. Thoughts?

P.S. Any Marylanders seen canned pumpkin in stores yet? If so, please tell me where so I can go get it. Why is this not carried all year long? Seriously, when I find it I'm buying a case or two to last me through the year.

P.P.S. As I was typing the title of this post, I initially wrote "Exercise Your
WRITE to Vote!" I kid you not. Clearly someone needs to go back to school. And you know, I actually miss math class.

P.P.P.S. I'm running this race next Saturday. Anyone care to join me? Before you think I'm crazy, I just want to get some sort of baseline so I can work hard and see large improvements!

P.P.P.P.S. Has your mail become boring? Guess what?! My cousin Emily has the solution! Just join her little swap and soon your mail will be exciting once again.

P.P.P.P.P.S. Did post-partum brain bring ADD to anyone else besides myself?


  1. I am in LOVE with B!!! Now I want one. Announcements- yes. I was debating if I would do them for this coming child or just put something in the Christmas card, but then I went to shutterfly and saw all of their cute announcements. Holy cuteness.

  2. I vote A! But of course, you probably knew that. I want you to do announcements but only if I get one. Selfish? Yes. And how can you NOT do one for Ollie if you did one for Rhett? Where's the equality? Be fair! (No pressure! ;))

    I think grad school, not pregnancy, made me ADD, but then again, I started my PhD shortly after I had Madeleine so the correlation is hard to separate.

    Can we PLEASE talk about your PPPS? I am so excited about this! YES! I will run that! But while you're probably going for the 8K, I'll do the 2 mile or 1K. Seriously. This may be the kickstart to my exploration of running! Er... jogging. Seriously. Let's talk.

  3. P.S. when/if you make exhibit A could you please invite me over so that I can do it with you??? I have 3 maps I want to do this to.

  4. I vote for B as well but they really are both great options! I can't wait to see your finished version!!

    Thank you thank you for advertising for my swap! Not as many people as I had thought have volunteered- it will still go on but more would be more fun of course!

  5. I've had A on my radar for a long time and wanted to do it, but then when I see B - it just really screams Erin to me. I mean, if anyone could pull it off nicely, it's you! So I'll vote B. Can't wait to see the finished product of whichever you choose!

  6. I would say B looks more like you. As for birth announcements I have done them for all my kids but as for this one, you can call me cheap or tacky but I am just adding a little "introducing our newest addition" on our Christmas card. Sure he will be four months old but my life is crazy right now. I can barely keep up with the daily things that need to get done!

  7. MAP A!!!!!!

    But I love B, too!

    I would vote yes for a birth announcement for selfish reasons, but I understand if you don't. We always want to do those things but never do. maybe a baby will motivate us. maybe.

    so cool about that race! AND I KNOW about the pumpkin!!! Even last October, when we were doing the Pumpkin Iron Chef, in OCTOBER, it was hard to find! Not in every store! So WEIRD! I want to try to find it now. Sheesh. Stock up.

  8. ha, i say BOTH. why not? one's the world, one's our country. :) (pppppsss. i suck at decision making :)

    and yes on annoucement. i think i dropped the ball on my last 2. :)

  9. Both maps are AWESOME......I really can't decide.....but my first "gut" was A, for what it's worth. ;)

    How terrible is this, both my first and last child got an announcement, but um....middle Major, nope. Mean, right? So my vote is do one, but obviously my 2nd didn't. ;(

  10. A A A A A! Sorry, but I hate B. Please make A and then tell me how to make one too. Andy and I are planning to make the whole downstairs into a map extravaganza.

  11. I know this is way late, but I vote A. ONLY because having older kids, Evan is constantly looking for maps of where things are and I would love something like this in my house that was PRETTY and USEFUL. A all the way. It will work for years to come to serve more than one purpose :) That is all.

  12. My first inclination would be to vote for A, although B is really cute too. The only problem with A is that the world map is constantly changing. We had a giant one in our den growing up that had E & W Germany and USSR long after those boundaries had been dissolved. With B you are a little more safe in knowing that the states probably aren't going to change anytime soon. . .

    As for a birth announcement, you have to send one out. If you did it for kid #1, you should do it for kid #2. Just don't feel rushed to do it. I just got a birth announcement this week for a baby born in April and I was just as happy to receive it 6 months after his birth. :)

    As for the pumpkin, they say that there is a shortage every year, but this year may be legit. I've seen reports on the news from farmers in NE states who have said that Hurricane Irene completely demolished their pumpkin crops for the year. My mom in NY couldn't find pumpkin in stores anywhere until she went to an organic market and had to shell out nearly $3 for a small can in order to make her pumpkin cookies. On the other hand, in CA I've been buying pumpkin from Wal-mart and Safeway for several weeks now with no problem. I wonder why it would be different here? It seems like if there's a pumpkin shortage it would be manifest everywhere. . .