Friday, September 30, 2011

Some Things

Other than a new baby, there are some other new things in our house. Most exciting to me are two things that belonged to my grandparents. When my grandmother passed away earlier this year, I was fortunate to be able to attend her funeral. I also got to pick out some things from her house that I'd like to have. And then I fortunate again that my parents offered to drive them out to me so I didn't have to ship them.

First is this old sewing table. I mean, really. How cool and beautiful is it?! Yes, it still works but no, I have no plans to actually use it.

Second is this awesome painting that my great-grandfather did. After we hung it, I felt like it was just meant to be there, like it had been there since the house was built. It just fits. I've been wanting some art work (not photographs) in my house for quite some time; so to have something that was created by a family member? Sweet.

I also got some awesome china and need only an excuse to get it out.

And totally unrelated: I "found" (meaning I saw it in my YouTube account) this video of Rhett the other day. This captures everything I loved about this age (22 months), an age that is truly my favorite of Rhett's. Isn't he just so cute? I love how he says "Yeah" to everything.

P.S. It's almost October!!!!


  1. oh i love seeing grandma's things in your home. they are the perfect fit. :)

    and that video is adorable. i feel like it was yesterday that i saw it for the first time. oh gosh does time fly. just think, only 20 months until ollie is at that adorable stage. and, believe me, it will come fast.

  2. oh man oh man, baby rhett is such a cutie!!!!!

    and YAY, OCTOBER!!!!!

    and that sewing table is the coolest thing ever.