Friday, September 2, 2011

Latest Happenings

My mom probably won't like her face, but look at Ollie's!

Ollie helping me make chocolate ice cream.

Chuck putting my baby's life at risk.

Between my dad, my mom, and Chuck, their three birthdays occur within a five-day span. Since two of them will happen after my parents leave, we thought we'd celebrate them in an "observed" manner. And if we're having "Dad's Birthday (Observed)" why not have an observed birthday for everyone? So Rhett got his special birthday dinner the other night (alfredo pasta), I got mine the next night (carrot cake pancakes), last night was my dad's (chili), tonight is Chuck's (steak and apple pie), and tomorrow night is my mom's (broccoli lemon pasta). And yes, the hat is necessary.

P.S. Answers to Monday's random post:
1. I wet mine before. I feel like if I do it after I put the toothpaste on the toothbrush, the water might knock off the toothpaste. Chuck does not wet his at all. Yuck.

2. This one kills me: If someone says their kid is a "rising junior" it means it's the summer before their kid's junior year. I guess this makes sense. But for whatever reason, I thought it meant more like what my cousin Nicole said, that the student was a high achiever, so clearly, I thought it was a very snooty thing to say. But now I learn it's not.  Phew; I didn't want a reason to dislike my doctor.

3. Swimming is HUGE out here. All of the eight kids in Chuck's family were on the swim team for, like, 100 years or something. Me? Not at all. Sure we'd visit the pool a few times during summer, but we in no way lived there like Chuck did. It's weird to me.

4. I drop heavy things on bugs and then let (yes, "let") Chuck do clean up. Two summers ago when we had lots of crickets in the basement, it wasn't unusual for Chuck to come home to four randomly placed heavy books on the floor.


  1. Um, I think you need to post that carrot cake pancake recipe. Yum!

  2. i'm so laughing at all the pictures. i especially love ollie's death-defying picture! but dad's excitement at the hat, and probably having his picture taken with it on, is a fav. too! ha!

    and how did i miss your question #4 on monday's post? so weird, i totally didn't even read it. i squash bugs in my home and throw them away! you're hilarious. you know what ben does? tries to delicately pick them up (unless it's a spider) and put them back outside. he's nuts.

  3. I want to do this birthday observance thing. this week!

  4. So glad you are all having fun! Also, I have been in a cooking funk, but your list of birthday dinners made me want to start cooking! Everything sounded SOOO good!