Friday, September 23, 2011

I Feel 20 Years Younger!

Unfortunately 20 years younger puts me at 14 years old. This was not a good time. Sure, I was in 9th grade dance company thinking I was hot stuff. But I was still 14--one of the hardest ages to be, in my opinion.

So why this flashback? First, the acne. I'm blaming this on pregnancy as it happened with Rhett, but man is it gross. Thankfully it's not on my face, just on my neck, but it's still yucky. I don't feel good about it and it makes me very self-conscious. Too bad it's not cold enough for turtlenecks. (Does anyone have any good products they like to use? I can't find anything that works well. And by "works well," I mean "gets rid of the crap on my neck.")

Second, baby weight. I know, I know, I just had a baby, but I'm still not feeling good about the rest of my body either. I'm struggling to find times to run and can't stop the eating. If I felt like I could get both of those in control, I'd be more okay with my current size. But as I see no end to this, it is just depressing. A corollary to this is that until I can fit in my pre-baby clothes, I can't finish all the organizing I've been going nuts with. And you know this drives me crazy.

Finally, friends. I'm learning that I'm just not very good at making friends. I can do small talk (What do you do? Where are you from?) and I can do big talk (Would you ever go to a nude beach?), but it's the medium talk where I fall apart. Sadly, I think one needs medium talk to forge friendships. And sadder still, I'd like more friends. Oh well.

I think when I'm 45 saying "I feel 20 years younger!" will be a good thing because 25 was a very good year. But just not now.

I finally got around to doing a birth announcement for Ollie. If you'd like one, let me know. And then email me your address as I just can't seem to keep those organized.


  1. To keep pimples away I use clinique clarifying lotion. They have it in varying degrees- either 1,2, or 3. I think I'm a 2 and they do it based on how much oil is in your skin. Anyway, I love it and swear by it! It probably costs more than something you'd buy in the grocery store but the bottle lasts me for about 9 months. I use this in addition to things like clean and clear face washes, etc. But I hear you on the acne thing! Nothing is more annoying. Could you cover it up with a cute scarf?

  2. I think it is a mid-life thing?! I'm a fan of ACV. Organic apple cider vinegar. It's cloudy not clear (not the stuff by Heinz) I buy Braggs. Google it :) I actually use it on my face too. It balances the ph in your skin and mine is never flaky nor do I need moisturizer. Of course you have to learn to tolerate the smell, but I don't notice it anymore. The friend thing. I. hear. you. I am living it still after 2 years hear. It is killing me.

  3. mid-life or perhaps post-baby blues. cuz it all sounds familiar. i use mary kay 3-in-1 on my face. it's expensive for a bottle, but it seriously lasts me 2 years (i use it every other day). it's good, i think.

    of course you're still feeling not-quite-slim. you're only 2 months post-partum. i don't know what to tell you to feel better b/c it probably won't help much anyways. i hate that feeling after pregnancy. but it will go away and you'll start looking and feeling better soon. just give yourself some time.

    yeah, good friends at our age can be tricky to make.

  4. I use baking soda to clean my face. I use to use Mary Kay 3n1, but found that I still got breakouts regularly. Then I switched to baking soda and vinegar for my hair (I don't use shampoo and conditioner anymore) and since the baking soda was there I thought I'd try it. I've had sooo few break outs since I've switched.

    I've been finding myself in the same boat of wishing I had more close friends, but I'm not good at maintaining relationships. I don't talk on the phone (there's just NO time). I don't know people who have 4 kids at home all day and has any extra time so I've not found someone I can "hang out with" with all my kids. And being the stable people in the ward makes it hard to make good friends, too...everyone else is always leaving :(

    I do wish Al and I had more couple friends. We just don't do things with other people, but we like to...maybe it's not our season for friends.

    Good luck with the acne.

    Buy an outfit or two that makes you feel really good. I know it seems like a waste of money, but it is a small price to pay to make yourself happy until the baby weight comes off. Syms has awesome clothes and awesome prices...go shopping!

  5. I use cetaphil but it does't mean I don't ever break out, so I don't know what to suggest!! But I totally get that that is annoying!

    I know, friends are hard sometimes. Usually what works for me is finding people in my same boat, but as far as "new" friends, we probably only have one couple that I would consider and they are in China right now!

    Yes we want an announcement!! If you don't have my parent's address, let me know and I will email it to you!

  6. As for acne, I have never left adolescent phase so I have no good tips. Sorry! Wish I did! Really. I wish I did.

    As for pre-pregnancy clothes, didn't you learn from baby #1? I did. Instead of trying on my pre-pregnancy clothes, I kept wearing my maternity clothes that fit - better to fit and large than not fit and tears. And I didn't even TRY to put on any pre-preg clothes until 4.5 months. And then it was a happy day! I waited until it was nearly impossible for a 'fail.' That's how I did it.

    And for friends. I just laughed and laughed at this. Isn't this for every phase of life? You have acquaintances and bffs. Nothing in between. I think that's normal. Middle conversation is soooo hard. Even with my own husband!!! "Hi, how was your day?" versus "When should we have another baby?" See? Heavy and light. As for trying to move your acquaintances into the 'good friend' circle, why not just lay it on thick? Just jump right into the nudist comments. Either they freak out and leave, which empties your acquaintances pool and leaves room for newbies, or the crazy conversation seals them to you and they have successfully moved into the bff deep pool. I say just go deep.

  7. Clinique 3 part system.......still have occasional break-outs, but if I'm being COMPLETELY honest, I can attribute those to "that time of the month" and eating habits.... true. true.

    I would LOVE a birth announcement, but you can attach it via email and save a stamp, or send it to:

    5896 exeter drive
    mountain green, utah 84050

    LOVE LOVE cute babies. ;)

    AND, YES postpardum is NOT fun, it has MANY ups and downs, but it does PASS, although usually not as quickly as I would like.