Monday, September 19, 2011


Sorry cousin Emily but I'm actually on the other side of the headphones-while-driving issue. Hi. My name is Erin and I drive with headphones plugged into my iPod. Why? Because I'm really far behind on my podcasts and Rhett's really attached to his Veggie Tales CD (amongst other music albums) so he doesn't give me much time with the SoundDock. To be honest, I do not see how it's any different from driving with the radio on or driving while talking to someone. I listen to podcasts (so no music, just conversation) and it's turned down very, very low. So low, in fact, that when driving on the freeway I can't hear it. I just don't see the problem. Sorry. (Chuck doesn't agree with me, FYI. And sister Emily, I love your western/Republican/small government attitude about the whole thing. It made me smile.)

Chuck's school pictures have been safely put away in our files. He doesn't have any friends to whom I could send them. I did have to translate the "INVU..." for him. Ha.

To those "no skulls at church"-sayers, does seeing the fabric change your mind? Chuck thought you might think it was more Jolly Roger-esque than actually is. And if it doesn't change your mind, please tell me what I should do with it. It's just too great to let sit. (We already have a trick or treat bag, so while a great suggestion, it's just not practical. And as you know, I only sew practical items, like ties for very little boys.  Totally practical.) To be honest, I'm really not sure how I feel about the ties at church, so everyone wins.

Oh no, here it comes. Trying. To. Resist.  But can't. Temptation too strong. Mommy blog alert! Look how cute my baby is! That tuft of hair kills me.


  1. he is totally handsome. and that tuft is pretty much the greatest.

    yeah, that was quite the republican comment, eh? but please don't call ME a republican (only my comments :) i just don't want to associate myself politically because i despise, yes despise, politics. (sorry poli-sci major dad!)

    i thought that's what you'd say about your headphones. and if they are really that low, then it's probably no different than the radio.

    still no on the skulls tie for me. what's his costume? could you use that for it? a cool halloween bandana - can boys sport those? some cute applique shirt? some wreath wrapped in the fabric? some fabric bowl for holding candy corns? that's all i got.

  2. i think you should use chucks school pics for your christmas cards, yearly. that baby of yours looks just like his grandpa jim diesel. but a few decades younger of course. how fun is that!

  3. Sorry I've been bad and haven't been voting and sharing my opinions here!! I have been reading however :) I see what you mean about your headphones. I say that's ok!! As long as you can hear screaming and crying. Although who really wants to hear those things?!

    I say you should make napkins with your skull fabric!! Then you can enjoy them while you eat! Ok maybe not. But I'm thinking about it. Little skull puppets? No. Emily had some good ideas!! Yeah, make a liner for your baskets to put your rolls in! My mom has some for every season. Very festive!

  4. I definitely admire your "we all win" attitude so that way rhett gets what he wants and so do you! That is awesome. I do feel much better knowing you listen to talk radio :) I feel like the people I see doing this are fresh out of the dmv who are 16. But what do I know?! I now live in the state that is #1 in DUI/DWI...I've got bigger fish to fry! Any tips for what to do come winter when all anyone else does is drink? Ha ha.

  5. Fabric--I just had a thought?! Draw string bag for Evan's chess pieces? The star wars ones. Of course it wouldn't work if I was trying to be thematic, but He LOVES the skull thing right now...Just a thought ;)

    Little Ollie is sooo cute. The hair is AWESOME!