Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Life is Good

I know I can complain with the best of them. But I am the first to admit that I shouldn't. When people ask me how I'm feeling and how life is with the two boys, I honestly answer that it's probably as good as it gets. I mean, here are the facts:

My husband is awesome. I feel that most people I know have awesome husbands, and I love that. However, not only is my husband awesome, but his schedule is awesome. He has a very short commute and is home nearly every day by 3. So when people ask how I'm doing with the two, I reply that really, all I have to do is get to lunch with Rhett. After lunch comes nap, and frequently Chuck is home before Rhett wakes. I'm so very lucky.

Unfortunately I can't breastfeed. Fortunately, I have a husband who handled late-night feedings for the first three weeks and now on weekends. Also fortunately, the baby is only waking once at night (well, most nights at least). We feed him at 10:00 p.m. (our bedtime), once in the night, and then usually again around 6:00 a.m. (our wake time). It's enough so that I don't even need naps during the day.

My good friend Natalie recently posted about why she loves day care. I'd copy and paste the post, but am too lazy. Rhett resumed his twice-weekly schedule at his babysitter's a couple of weeks ago. So now I get two days a week in which I can actually accomplish things like errand-running, house cleaning, and most importantly one-on-one time with Ollie. I love these days and so does Rhett. It also means that on the other days when Rhett's home, I can focus on playing with him and Ollie rather than agonizing over all the stuff I'm not getting done. It's been wonderful for me.

My body is recovering phenomenally. Aside from the inability to lose weight, I feel great. In fact, last Saturday I ran an 8K race and did pretty well, if I say so myself (and I do). In previous runs, I'd been averaging a 13-minute-mile pace of run-walking. My goal for the race was to finish before one hour, ten minutes. My time? 56:07--this is an average of 11:15-minute miles! I was really excited about this and am now excited to get to training to better it. (Also body-related is that now that I'm back on birth control, the acne is getting better!)

See? I am fully aware of how good I have it. I mean, unless I had a personal nanny, I don't think it could be better.


  1. I listened to Chuck softly talking to Rhett during sacrament last Sunday and thought, "What a great dad...Erin is so lucky!" He was talking to Rhett about things mom does that show how much she loves him...really sweet :)

    Then, of course, Chase started acting up and I couldn't hear much of anything after that.

    Congrats on the run...that's awesome! I think I need to start joining the runners of the ward for these local runs. I can't keep up at 11 minutes, but I could probably hang at 13 :)

  2. Um. Yeah, YOU'RE amazing (the run!, the cute boys!) and your husband is amazing and his schedule is amazing. Three cheers for the Huband family! Glad to know you realize how good you've got it. Spares me from the jealousy and narrowing of my eyes at you. :D

    I agree that we/us/our friends have all lucked out in the spouse department. Whew!

    And wow... I've been referenced! I feel so 'published.' ;)

  3. yes, your life is good indeed. and i'm so happy for ya! :)