Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Now for the Blessing Post (and other stuff)

I probably should be embarrassed that with all this big stuff going on, I go ahead and post about shopping. But I'm not.

Anyway, within the past couple of days, little Ollie turned one month old. How are things going with this little man? Well, he's a baby! I mean, he eats, is awake for a little bit, sleeps, and repeats. We love him, but this is about his life right now. He has rolled over (both ways) a couple of times and it weirds me out. I mean, the dude is barely five weeks old!

We made sure to include him in our "Birthday (observed)" celebrations, however. He proved able to party with the best of us. We did not have a dinner of formula though.

And the only D.C. thing I did with my parents: a trip to Eastern Market. Man, how I love their french toast. Don't you just love my dad's expression?

Chuck's birthday (observed) was flank steak with apple pie a la mode for dessert. And maybe for a subsequent breakfast as well (yes, it too was a la mode).

We blessed Ollie on Sunday and this is how the poor little man arrived at church. Chuck gave Ollie a great blessing and Ollie was reverent for the whole thing. Rhett, however, not so much. He chose to read the hymnal and then bring his sandwich to me during it. Classic.

Oh Rhett, how we love you. What style.

Here are some lovely things he's said recently. When my dad asked him if he was going on a mission, Rhett replied, "No. I'm going to stay with my mom and dad forever." And to get the full effect, you have to picture Rhett saying it in a soft, quiet, slow voice. He threatens to never leave us.

Also, during testimony meeting, our sweet friend Edna was bearing her testimony and was crying a bit. Rhett leans over to Chuck and says, "Dad, can I go up there and help Edna be happy?"

And can't not do some family pictures on the blessing day.

Finally, some family pictures from Labor Day.

What now? Well, my parents left yesterday and so now I'm all alone during the day. With two kids. Aiyiyi.


  1. Uh, that apple pie is gorgeous. Rhett looks soooo dapper. Your family pictures look perfect {and perfectly happy}. Ollie made me laugh. We need to return to Eastern Market for brunch. And as for observed... Should we say Christmas (birthday of Christ, observed)?

  2. what fabulous pictures! of a fabulous family, of course. so cute you all are. yes, even chuck. :)

    dad's expression is pretty great. mom's face is even greater.

    sweet, sweet, rhett. jonas is going to serve a mission right where we live so he won't have to be away from us. :) cute kids.

  3. you are sooooo prettttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyy. and happy!

  4. Darling family..........Sorry all GOOD things must come to an end.....Hope you are surviving. ;)

  5. The blessing was beautiful! And how sweet of Rhett to be concerned about Edna...PRECIOUS!

    I wish I had had a chance to speak with you on Sunday, but my calling always calls and I never see adults anymore.

    Good luck in the coming weeks and fortunately you had the rain this week to give you the excuse to stay indoors.