Monday, September 5, 2011

I Bet You Thought I'd Have a Post on Ollie's Blessing

But I fooled you! Instead I'm posting about my latest shopping spoils because they are incredibly exciting to me. Saturday night my parents volunteered to babysit while Chuck and I went on a date. Both of us desperately needed new shoes and I wanted a new dress, so to the mall we went. We both got shoes and I got a new dress. The umbrella was just an added bonus.

Holy smokes do I love these. They make me feel like a different woman. A sexy TALL woman.

Even Rhett loves them.

Then I got these. I have large calves and finding boots is hard. So when I saw these, I got them.

And then this umbrella. Seriously. How could I not buy this thing? I mean, really. It even has a great plastic smell to it. Bonus: this week's forecast is rainy every day. Sweet!

Does anyone else just really not like pictures of them? Do I really look that bad? Oh, on second thought, don't tell me.


  1. You look SMOKIN'! Great buys! Great looks!

    And yes, I feel the same way about pictures of myself (not of you)... I dread seeing myself. My complexion, the crazy unicorn hair, the weird eyes. Ugh. And yet, I find that I am fairly photogenic. Big mouth/teethy smile but from far away... not too bad.

  2. Oh, and I wanted to mention that that Ollie baby sure was cute on his blessing day ;) - and always!!!

  3. no, you look beautiful. but I totally know what you mean. I'm pretty much disgusted at every picture taken of me.
    I LOVE your new dress and shoes and umbrella. cute cute cute.

  4. miles has the same pj as rhett - from mom, right? awesome. the shoes would and should make you feel tall and sexy - so fun! i love the dress, too.

    oh and i so want an umbrella like that! seriously, it's the greatest i've seen. :)

    and i feel like that about 99% of the pictures of me. but I think YOU look great.