Friday, October 15, 2010

Latest Projects

Here are some of the things I've been working on lately. I created this flannel board (1) for a "joy school" lesson for Rhett and his classmates and (2) just to have. I love the pocket on back to keep all of the felt shapes.  Please ignore the rest of the back.

This is a play mat for my sister's newest little one, Lucy. I'm so glad emily asked me to create this for her. It was difficult and crazy, and I'll probably never do another one, but I like it and hope Lucy does too.  I found the idea (and pretty much copied it exactly) at "I am Momma, Hear me Roar." Thanks Cheri! (I say it as if I know her. Ha.)

These are Christmas gifts for two of my nephews: personalized library bags. I followed a tutorial but now I can't find it. Argh. Anyway, I am really pleased with how they turned out. And yes, I realize they're Christmas gifts, but my nephews don't read my blog. So there.

Here is Emmy's Christmas gift: play food.  I think the nachos and bow tie pasta are my favorites.  Or the ravioli.  Or the pizza.  Or the eggs.  Now you see why there's such variety.

And baby Lucy's stocking.


  1. You're amazing...and you make me sick just a little bit ;)

  2. yes, amazing indeed! i'm the absolute luckiest. well my kids, too. :) and, no, your nephews don't read your blog but they look at it. :) so i will keep them away from your blog for a few days! everything turned out really perfectly, i think.

    the felt board is adorable. so fun for rhett and your little joy school! lucy is still lovin' her blanket - and i know she'll love it more and more as she gets older. LOVE the library bags. LOVE the food - so fun! and the stocking is great and wonderful. i SO LOVED our stockings last year - they looked so beautiful. thanks in advanced!

  3. What a talented person you are! Your nieces and nephews are so lucky to have you as an aunt! The library bags are fantastic.

    Flannel boards always remind me of FHE lessons and my dad -- our board was made out of his old flannel pajamas. :)

    (Even the word verification is impressed. The word was "shine.")

  4. Wow! You are amazing Erin! Your nieces and nephews are very lucky! Oh and Rhett too :)

    Everything is so cute! I'm super impressed with the mat for Lucy. I would never consider a project like that--too much time and I'm not that creative!

    I did make some scripture tote bags like your library ones for some friends, although I think I forgot to take pics! oops!

  5. Wow! Your baby play mat turned out awesome! Good work. That is really a work of love....because I know how much work that one takes :) Thanks for sharing this with me. You rock!


  6. Ok, I NEED those bags for my boys! Seriously, that Dino print is screaming Luke's name! Is your etsy shop still up and running? Contact me!

  7. I really wish that I was somehow related to you so that my kids could benefit from your awesomeness in the crafting department.

  8. looks like you totally DO know cheri, that's awesome. everything looks great by the way. i wouldn't expect anything less. you are one in a million for sure!